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I really enjoyed ‘Don’t Worry Darling’. The mix was incredible to say the least. It was super stylized but with purpose and all fit within the world. The immersive dialogue invited us into the world with crystal clear soft conversations through intimate whispers and then letting us rock out at a party. These sorts of dynamics in a mix are my favorite kind of storytelling. Our cats were bewildered and shaken by some of the sound design, score and frequencies at times. AND I’m a drummer! They don’t get scared by just any old sounds. Bravo to the entire sound crew and all departments who worked on this film, and to Olivia Wilde who directed each department so beautifully! There was a lot of tension built with the sound design and directing. I thought this film was really well directed and that Olivia Wilde should be receiving so much more credit. You don’t see this kind of directing everyday. Every choice made on this film was perfect for the story and guided our journey through the main characters POV. I look forward to more films from her.

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